Jim Corbett of the South: Kabini

Kabini Forest Reserve comprises of the South East part of the Nagarahole National Park. It is one one of the easily accessible wildlife destination and is now even more popular for the sightings of Tigers, Leopards and Panthers. The reserve is 75km away from Mysuru and 230km from Bengaluru.

KFR is known for its rich Fauna and Flora. Spread along the Kabini Backwaters, the forest comprises of lush green grasslands to thick trees. The Fauna consists of beautiful Tigers, Leopards, Panthers, Elephants, Deer, Birds, Otters, Crocodiles and others.

Jungle Safari: For all wildlife enthusiasts, this place offers eye pleasing and cherishing moments. Safari is organized by Govt. of Karnataka which is for a period of 1 hour during Morning and Evening period (6am-9am & 3pm-6pm). Jungle Lodges and Resorts offers a 2.5 hours of safari in the morning and evening for its guests as well as other guests from neighbouring resorts and stays.

Through JLR, we had started our evening safari on 26th Nov 2016 and just as we entered the forest area, we were informed about the Tiger Tank Female Tiger’s movements near the Tiger Tank, and in no time, we covered a distance of 1.5km to reach the spot. What we witnessed next was just mesmerizing, yes, the TT Female was just returning to her spot after quenching thirst and was on Hunting Mode. TT Female has 3 cubs, which were not seen at that time. Apart from this, we saw White necked Vultures, Red Wattled Lapwings, Brahmini Eagles, Peacocks, and more.

During the next safari on the 27th Nov morning, we are again lucky to spot the TT Female Tiger walking on the 5km road. The previous day might have been a dull one and hence, it was still in the hunting mode. This time, it had no mood to turn towards us and vanished into the woods. Elephants, Jackals, Crested Serpent Eagles, Kingfishers, Langurs, Giant Squirrel, Mongoose, Sambar and Spotted Deer were the other attractions during the ride.

With lot of delight and great moments to cherish, we drove out of the forest and in hopes of spotting the Leopards, Panthers and other Tigers during the next visit.

While Safari is the main attraction provided by JLR, the resort’s ambiance of lush greenery, wide course of meals and their friendly service too are top notch.

Finally, we thanked Prasanna, Revanna and Venky for their service provided during the safari before signing off from Kabini.

NOTE: If u can stay at JLR for 2 nights, it will be great as you will have plenty of time to spend in the forest and look out for all the above mentioned beings and more!


Beautiful Tiger Tank Female Tiger

PS: More images will be uploaded shortly.

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