Indonesian Hindu Island: Bali

Sometimes, when everything makes you so happy, you just fall short of words, to even start talking about it. That is the exact feeling I’m having now, days after I have returned from Bali.
With memories so fresh, like a freshly brewed coffee, the trip to this wonderful island gives and enchanting experience.

My trip started from Chennai, IN via Kuala Lumpur, MY to reach Denpasar, Bali. Our joruney to the not so far Villa was through the clean and honk free city traffic and later through the soothing views of paddy fields.

After a day’s travel and not getting proper food, we hit back towards the city to dine at Atithi restaurant on Jl. Meslasti. With Live Bollywood Music by Balinese musicians, it was a surprisingly wonderful dinner! Enroute to this place, on a narrow street, you find a Volkswagen themed cafe (wow! :O )

Day 2 was filled and surrounded with water! yeah, quite literally πŸ˜€ , as we headed to Benoa Tirta Harum Dive and Watersports place in South Kuta. From flying (sailing with added exaggeration πŸ˜€ ), to Dive Walking, Scuba Diving and Jet-skiing, every moment passed like a flash.

Day 3 started with the traditional Balinese Musical Folk Drama depicting a portion of Mahabharata. The Barong is a mythical animal which represents the good spirit, and Rangda, a mythical monster, representing the evil spirit. The story is normally played out in 4 or 5 acts depicting the fight between the good and evil. Though everything starts good, it gets little boring, also adding to it is the Balinese dialogues in between, which you can’t follow. But the music and costumes really were good.
From there, we headed to a local silver artisan place for some shopping. The visit tore our pockets a little πŸ˜€ Just when we were feeling little bored after a non-fascinating first half, the second half was delighted with the visit to Tegenungan Waterfalls. A precious gem amid lush greenery is a view to cherish. A dip and swim at the foot of the falls was a bliss.
Normally, Monkeys turn up at major off the city tourist places, but here in Bali, its quite opposite, oh yes! Monkeys live in the centre of Ubud at the Mandala Wisata Wanera Wana and we go there to join our ancestors πŸ˜€ Was quite amused at the locals for preserving such thick greenery and keeping monkey habitat safe.
As the sun started setting, we traveled to Tanah Lot to catch a glimpse of the set. Tanah Lot has a temple on the rocks by the shore. With waves splashing against the rocks, the place is mesmerizing. It s one of the famous Sunset View Points in Bali.

Day 4 started late and Pantai Pandawa was our first place of view. Being a low tide time, we could do kayaking in the still waters to reach a land strip in the middle of waters. A cloudly weather made us not realize it was already evening. And we rushed to Uluwatu for the famous Cliff Temple and the fascinating sunset. The place also has an amphitheater for Balinese dance and other events.

With all these memories held close, deep inside, it was time to fly out. The journey wasn’t over yet, Singapore was a pit stop enroute back to India.

Singapore visit was more of a business trip having back to back meetings, but yet a good one with some delicious food delighting the tummy πŸ˜€

After you have read so much, let me take the pleasure of treating your eyes! πŸ˜›


Watch the vlog here:Β

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