Refreshing House: The London Curry House

Restaurant: The London Curry House – Crescent Road, Bengaluru, IN.

Located on the cellar of The Royale Senate boutique hotel on the Crescent Road, one might feel the ambiance would be dark and within closed walls. But as soon as you enter, you find the majority of the space is open and has canopy for rain cover. The place is quite lit, and a wonderful green wall garden with wooden tables and benches/chairs gives it a rustic look.

Staff are very friendly and happy to serve.

Our pick for the lunch:

Ginger Ale: Canned Beverage (not in pic)

Videshi Shooter: Cranberry juice, lime wedges, mint leaves, topped with Coke was an interesting combination to refresh. It was just the way I would like, neither too sweet nor too fizzy.

Baby Corn Cigars: Whole baby corn tempura served with spicy tomato salsa. Well presented item which makes the eating more interesting. The spicy tomato and sour cream salsa dips were perfect combination for the cigars.

Smoked Paneer Makhan Wala: Roasted cottage cheese served in a smoked tomato gravy. The gravy was inviting and consisted of great aroma and flavour. Soft paneer made it better. Yet again, the way it was presented makes the experience more interesting. The curry was served with salad, papads and a paneer stuffed bread.

Butter Naan, Desi Cheese Garlic Bread (in simple terms, it was Cheese Garlic Naan): Both the breads were soft and rightly fermented.

Bamboo Biryani: One of the happening Biryani variety across the city made us pick this up. The biryani came with lid closed bamboo pot, accompanied with curds and papad. The biggest turn off was when we opened the lid, only to find the biryani cooked with cream. It was like a pasta sauce with rice. Such a let down. Thankfully the management acknowledged our feedback and waived the item off the bill. Found out later that, this item wasn’t well accepted by many. Hope the management reworks on this item.

Fried Ice Cream: Vanilla Ice Cream scoop fried with a corn flakes coating was served on top of sprinkled soan papdi. Quite a good combination of the sweet and the ice cream. I would have liked if the corn flakes coating was more thick, as it completely fell apart at the first bite.

Fully Loaded Kit Kat Waffle: A waffle served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and Kit Kat chocolate was a delight. A good dessert to end the meal. (Waffle could have been little more softer,  no complains with what was served though).

Ambiance: 4.5/5
Taste: 4/5
Quality: 4/5
Hospitality: 4.5/5
VFM: 4/5

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The London Curry House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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