Flavourfully Yours: Spices India

From bringing peace between Queen Sheba and King Solomon to seduction of Mark Antony by Cleopatra, India has been a country known for its wide range of exotic spices and oils. And when the word Spices hits you, all one can think is of various flavourful, aromatic food delicacies. But, here is the twist to this story!

Spices Board India, through its enterprise Flavourit has brought out extensive range of assured quality products. And a wide spread of personal and beauty care products are an interesting add-on! In this era, who would think of soaps, shampoos, conditioners and creams to be infused with India’s rich spices? If not for the Ayurvedic sake, one isn’t bent towards such a fusion. Right? Flavourit connects nature’s traditions to the modern world, bringing together progressive farmers and grassroots organization, whose hard work ensure best quality spices for your wellness.

Well, these products have been my new found love in the restroom!! 😀 Don’t worry, I’m all good and in right senses 😛 We at home have been using various soaps and the shampoo and it really has enhanced lot of things. Be it the strong lovely aroma, which fills the entire house, or the goodness of spices.

Here are the list of products which I personally love:

Bathing Bars:

  • Orange and Sage (gives a feeling of taking shower with orange juice)
  • Mint and Thyme (how would you feel the cool effect of a mint in your mouth, so is this effect outside)
  • Cinnamon and Sandal (just sandal soap is old fashioned, cinnamon is the new trend 😉 )
  • Clove and Cardomom (interesting aroma to freshen up)

Rosemary Shampoo

Mint Body Rejuvenating Massage Oil


This is the only image, no other photos/videos like other soap brand 😀

The products are available at all Spices Board outlets. For people out of the reach, Flavourit provides pan India door delivery. For more info visit flavourit and for orders, you can mail the queries at flavouritspices@gmail.com

Have an Aromatic, Healthy Well-being!! 🙂

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