Flavourfully Yours: Spice Chocolates

Chocolates, have been a favourite ever since its invention, be it milk, dark or regular variants. And its never been ignored from enhancements. We now get chocolates infused with flavours, fruits, liqueur and so on.

While each country has its own special variant of chocolate, why not India too have a special one?? Spice Board India has taken this right opportunity and launched chocolates which are infused with Spice extracts. Yes, the very same spices India is proud of!!

A premium wooden box houses 8 variant of premium spice chocolates, each made with mixing highest quality spices with traditionally made rich, creamy milk chocolates.

Premium chocolates in premium box
8 flavours

The pack comes with 32 chocolates, 4 each made from different spices. Grab them all to taste the spicy experience of Mint, Chilly, Mace, Cardamom, Clove, Cinnamon, Cumin and Ginger. Every bite, gives the real feel of chocolate filled with aroma of the spices. The blend is neither mild nor pungent, it just hits the taste buds right!

Apart from Chocolates, Spice Board also sells wide range of soaps, shampoos, conditioners, oils and more. (Click here to read my soapy experience 😛 )
The products are available at all Spices Board outlets. For people out of the store’s reach, Flavourit provides pan India door delivery. For more info visit flavourit and for orders, you can mail the queries at flavouritspices@gmail.com

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