King of Dirty Politics: Humble Politiciann Nograj

Review for the movie: Humble Politiciann Nograj (Kan-glish)


Direction: Saad Khan

Production: Paramvah Studios
Pushkar Films
Lost & Found Films

Cast: Danish Sait as Nograj
Sumukhi Ramesh as Lavanya
Vijay Chendoor as Monjunath
Roger Narayan as Arun Patil
Sruthi Hariharan as Rama
Raghu Ramankoppa as Secretary Bhat
Hanumanthe Gowda as MLA Jagatprabhu F Kumar Aka JFK
Pramod Shetty as Shankar
Shiv Manju as Nanjundaiah
Srinivas Prabhu as Party Vice President Micheal Narayan
Akki Basappa as Party President Byrappa
Mohammed Ashraf as Azam Khan
and others…

Music: Sricharan Pakala, Jeet Singh, DJ Jasmeet & Prajwal Pai

Plot: A very dishonest corporator of  DS Nagar constituency (fictional) is Mr.Nograj his MLA is Jagatprabhu F. Kumar aka JFK. JFK is known for blackmailing several corporators in his party and treating them like his servants. Fed up with this behaviour, the corporators plan to overthrow JFK by creating multiple scams. Nograj’s request for a party ticket needs him to gain popularity. With his foul play, he gets noticed by the party heads and gets the highly-craved election ticket.

Arun Patil on the other hand is an honest NRI leading a new medical company. Seeing his hometown Bangalore in bad shape, he decides to enter the dirty game of elections and bring about change. He is quick in gaining popularity and meets people honestly and educates them about the importance of voting, as against Nograj who just bribes to gain votes alone to enjoy power and money.

The film is about Nograj’s aspiration to become a MLA and how he tackles each situation combating the opposition, leading to the success.


My Say: Politics storyline is as old as cinema in India. Various movies have been made extensively portraying the way how this dirty game is played by top hooligans and money houses. With respect to HPN, a fresh theme to it comes from the character “Nograj”, played by the RJ cum Improve actor Danish Sait. The prank calls and fun videos of his involving this character gained immense popularity and soon spread across the nation with his association with RCB (IPL team of Bengaluru). The character as usual through its antics, delivers butler English (Kan-glish) dialogues and jokes.

The movie brings out many real life incidences, be it about water mafia, infrastructure, power outage, scam linked schemes or others. It even depicts the political party member’s integrity and the working manner. The difficulties faced by new entrants to this field are also shown strongly. The movie, with its good concept and entertainment does a good job. The factors where it missed being a Super HIT are, few prolonged scenes (movie could have been cut short by 15-20min easily), repetitive comedy which gets boring and displaying many incidents make it look out of place. The movie still brings in freshness to the film industry with great casting and non commercial style. The cast have done good job and my pick would be Raghu Ramankoppa for his hilarious gay-ish acting!

In a subtle way, the movie gives a slap to each and every citizen for the way how wrong politicians are elected and the ones who want to bring about change are stamped. At various moments, few bold statements are made to bring about a change in citizen’s way of thinking, and keeping in mind of the upcoming Karnataka state elections, the movie is a good one time watch entertainment-message combo.

As Charles Reade saying goes, “Sow a thought, and you reap an act; Sow an act, and you reap a habit; Sow a habit and you reap a character; Sow a character, and you reap a destiny.”, we get who we vote for!


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