Between the waves of Life: Katheyondu Shuruvagide

Review for the movie: Katheyondu Shuruvagide (Kannada)

Direction: Senna Hegde

Production: Paramvah Studios
Pushkar Films

Cast: Diganth Manchale as Tarun
Pooja Devariya as Tanya
Babu Hirannaiah as Shankar Murthy
Aruna Balaraj as Radha Murthy
Ashwin Rao Pallakki as Pedro
Shreya Anchan as Swarna
Prakash K Thuminadu as Kutty
Raghu Ramanakoppa as Ramanna
Mandya Jayaram
Mime Ramdas

Music: Sachin Warrier

Plot: Tarun, an investment banker working in the USA, returns to India after being bored of his routine and lifestyle. He takes a different lifestyle by owning and managing a resort. While he is undergoing disappointments and frustrations about the failing resort business; and struggles with his life, here comes Tanya to be the resort’s only guest for the week! What turns out during this period and how life unwinds, is what Senna Hegde narrates through Katheyondu Shuruvagide.

My Say: Not every wave which sweeps you off your feet makes you feeling better, a wave can be rough, mild or soothing.

When the trailer was released, it was quite interesting to see the cast line-up. Senna Hegde has picked all his pearls right and made the movie with a necklace of great talent. As always, Diganth delivered every smile, emotion and composure well. Pooja Devariya’s entry to Sandalwood couldn’t have been in any better way; out of the box performance, and I’m impressed with her original dubbing (she’s become a Kannadiga!). Babu Hirannaiah and Aruna Balaraj look adorable as uncle and aunt, very crisp as support characters. Arjun and Shreya had all their moments on the screen deliver right and with the correct chemistry. On the rocks were Raghu, Prakash and Ramdos; who brought great humour and expressions to add beauty to the necklace.

Cinematographer Sreeraj Raveendran has done a great job, while the shots taken along the beautiful coastlines of Karwar, Kaup Light House and the mighty Western Ghats, make every scene pleasant to the eyes. Music by Sachin was quite a refreshing one to enjoy; peppy and melodious; striking the right chords! On the other hand, hold the script well, was the dialogues and humour which cracked up at the right timing.

Katheyondu Shuruvagide is not that Kannada movie you get to watch normally. Debutant Director, Senna Hegde has taken the unconventional way of story telling with few unique adoptions. The movie has a slower pace letting you to imbibe the story and characters. It captures well the happiness, sadness, frustration, anger, fear and every minute emotion we undergo in life through a realistic approach. Dealing with the downs in life might not be easy, but it definitely is smoother when we have the right people by our side. Every individual has his/her own story and difficulties in life, so does every character in this story.

Two individuals having their own disappointments and problems, come together to feel better and positive. From being a resort owner and guest, to becoming friends and then more, Tarun and Tanya bond well, quite strongly. On the other side, resort staffs Pedro and Swarna have their own entangled love and life interests to pursue. While she wants to see a healthy economic living, Pedro is all filled with only love for her, which falls short in taking on reality. Ashwin and Shreya have both carried forward their good acting at par with the expectations! Shankar and Radha Murthy couple portray a well balanced way of how a husband and wife need to be in life. Be it the gestures of love and care, or the understanding between them, which are built on few sacrifices. Life cannot be perfect; it goes South when you wish North. With touches of philosophy, Senna Hedge conveys the message that, accepting the facts and taking it in a better way is the right thing to do.

This flick is not for those who crave actor centric, blockbuster or commercial quotient. It is for those who like laying back, grabbing  an extra large bucket of popcorn to enjoy the happy moments; and sip while they sob at the sadder ones! When I mentioned about the many waves earlier, this is that soothing wave which you’ll want to feel more at the end of the movie…

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