A Journey of a Lifetime: KARWAAN

Review for the movie: Karwaan (Hindi)

Direction: Akarsh Khurana

Production: RSVP Movies
Ishka Films

Cast: Dulquer Salman as Avinash
Mithila Palkar as Tanya
Irrfan Khan as Shaukat
Amala Akkineni as Tahira (Tanya’s mother)
Akash Khurana as Avinash’s father
Kriti Kharbanda as Rumana (cameo)

Plot: A South India road trip with a twist! Avinash, an IT employee from Bengaluru, looses his dad due to a road accident while on Gangothri Darshan. His body mistakenly reaches another family in Kochi. Avinash heads to Kochi for body exchange, with the help of Shaukat who accepts to accompany with his van. En-route, Tanya (granddaughter of the other deceased lady) joins the drive to reach Kochi. 3 different members come together for a road trip which they didn’t desire to enjoy. This movie is about what unfolds during the trip, which bonds the 3 together.

My Say: Road Trips are the most fun filled moments for friends, but what if the entire trip is unexpected and is done by 3 different people, who in the first place had no plans of it? Sounds interesting! Bejoy Nambiar has given this thought quite a few twists! Quite a silent Avinash is accompanied by crackling Shaukat. The duo are then joined by childish Tanya. Dulquer has been commendable as always, so does his current performance of portraying a stressed and bored IT professional. He displays the character’s subtle emotions well. Irrfan playing Shaukat is the key character of this flick. Be it bursting humour or expressions or love portrayal, he steals the scene easily. Mithila on the other side has been herself as mostly seen on her internet videos. She has mutiple expressions, displayed with awe cuteness!!

The entire movie has a simple single line story. But the entire screenplay mainly is about various moments, monotonous routine, buried desires, controlled emotions, unexpected twists in life. With each character having its own story to tell, the cast and the team have done a decent job. Throughout the first half and the semi-second, the movie is light and fun. Climax brings a bit serious scenes when both Tahira (Amala) and Avinash talk about their respective lost souls and how much a mother/father matter in life. The major plus points of the movie are humorous and witty dialogues by Hussain Dalal, music and BGM (keep the movie so alive and enrich the feelings), effective casting and beautiful locations (Ooty, Kumarakom and other places of Kerala). Cinematographer Avinash Arun has done a good job through his third eye. There have been many topics of real life scenarios like Aadhar ID, Triple Talak, etc; which have been shown in a taunting and humorous way! The screenplay could have been a bit more crisp, as there were few odd/blank scenes; and the story line with bit more stuff.

Karwaan is that road journey which gives you warmth, happiness, realizations and positivity. Take this ride and return home with a feel good factor and the thought of “all that happens, ends in a good way”.

PS: Those who expect mauj, masti and high drama might return with a baggage of discontent.

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