The Land of Real Tigers: Tadoba

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (Project) is situated in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. The reserve is 34km from Chandrapur and 141km from Nagpur. The name of the reserve comes from the name of god "Tadoba" as prayed by the local tribals in the region and the river Andhari which flows through the forest. TATR (in short)... Continue Reading →

Flavourfully Yours: Spice Chocolates

Chocolates, have been a favourite ever since its invention, be it milk, dark or regular variants. And its never been ignored from enhancements. We now get chocolates infused with flavours, fruits, liqueur and so on. While each country has its own special variant of chocolate, why not India too have a special one?? Spice Board... Continue Reading →

League of Spices: Masala Klub

Restaurant: Masala Klub - The Taj West End – Race Course Road, Bengaluru, IN. Tucked deep inside the lush green property of The Taj West End is this pleasant restaurant situated by the garden. Masala Klub, as the name suggests serves wide range of Indian, specifically North Indian and Mughlai cuisine. With white and pink adorning the... Continue Reading →

Flavourfully Yours: Spices India

From bringing peace between Queen Sheba and King Solomon to seduction of Mark Antony by Cleopatra, India has been a country known for its wide range of exotic spices and oils. And when the word Spices hits you, all one can think is of various flavourful, aromatic food delicacies. But, here is the twist to... Continue Reading →

Capturing the big cats in pixels

Kabini is one place, which is one of my favourites to visit for spotting of the big cats. Being a 4-5hrs travel from Bengaluru, it is nearest place too. This time, we could spot the Tiger Tank Sub-adult Male as well as Udboor Female Leopard. While, we missed spotting the Blackie (black Panther). Below are... Continue Reading →

A trip of a Sweet Tooth

When one is working in the food industry, an exploratory trip is a blend of business and pleasure! So was this trip of mine. Starting with the 1st destination, Chandigarh, IN. Gopal's: A very well known chain of sweets and savories brand serving wide range of sweets, chats, quick bites and other savories. Our bites... Continue Reading →

Indonesian Hindu Island: Bali

Sometimes, when everything makes you so happy, you just fall short of words, to even start talking about it. That is the exact feeling I'm having now, days after I have returned from Bali. With memories so fresh, like a freshly brewed coffee, the trip to this wonderful island gives and enchanting experience. My trip... Continue Reading →

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