Madam’s Gentleman: Geetha Govindam

Review for the movie: Geetha Govindam (Telugu)

Direction: Parasuram

Production: GA2 Pictures
Bunny Vyas

Cast: Vijay Deverakonda as Vijay Govind
Rashmika Mandanna as Geetha
Subbaraju as Phaneendra
Vennela Kishore as Bridegroom
Naga Babu as Govind’s father
Rahul Ramakrishna as Ramakrishna
Annapoorna as Geetha’s grandmother
Giri Babu as Geetha’s grandfather
Nithya Menen as Passerby (Cameo)
Ravi Prakash as Police Officer Ravi
Mouryani as Govind’s sister
Kalyani Natarajan as (Mother of a college girl)
Anu Emmanuel as Girl in Bus Stop (Cameo)

Music: Gopi Sundar

Plot: A passerby, Nithya Menon catches up with distressed Vijay Govind who is seen sitting by the road. Vijay opens up about his story and the movie starts with Vijay narrating his flashback about how he meets his love of life, Geetha. In order to win her, he tries all the chances, but falls big time when one such instance goes wrong! Apparently, Geetha’s brother Phaneedra is the would-be groom for Vijay’s sister. This makes the story more complex and his chances narrower. How he works hard to turn around things and win her love is all the story is about.

My Say: Vijay plays the role of an ideal man, and a college lecturer in the flick and who always dreams about finding a soulmate. Grown up in the country side, with ideology of respecting women and culture, he also goes on to quote “That’s how the communication should be between a husband and wife”, explaining about a scene from the movie Indian (1996) where the heroine understand every next move of her husband. He dreaming about a girl who will be an ideal wife to him, is an everyday process. One such dream girl happens to exist in reality and is none other than Geetha. Dressed in traditional attire, he comes across this very charming girl lighting up lamps at a near by temple. He instantly falls for her!

As luck plays a good sport, they get to meet on a bus journey. With her seat next to his, the much excited, rather lucky Vijay tries all good acts to gain her trust, but one off act leads to a disastrous incident. Bang! Yes, a tight slaps lands him in a wrong place changing the the whole scenario, which pushes him away and far from her! At native, the family is geared up for his sister’s engagement and the story just gets more complicated with the groom being Geetha’s brother, who is already very furious about the bus incident (though he is unaware that, it is was Vijay who created the incident). Geetha is an unforgiving girl, who bats for his suffering and puts him at hardship at all stages of life thereafter. Vijay overcomes every such hardship with utmost respect, without losing patience. He accepts the once in a lifetime mistake that took place and constantly tries to prove his decent and naive behaviour.

After a knockout performance previously, Vijay Devarakonda portrays a completely contrasting role of a charming guy here, which gains him more fan following. Rashmika Mandanna on the other side, not just looks adorable (as her previous character Saanvi) but also portrays a fiery performance. Director Parasuram has ensured the lead pair get space and all strings are attached right. Vijay and Rashmika, though paired for the first time, deliver a well coordinated chemistry. The support cast lead by Rahul and subbaraju add good value to the story. Parasuram has brought out a good flick which has a good share of romance, comedy and talks about ideal values of a couple. The entire movie is a no non-sense, no high funda one. Manikandan has done a good work behind the lens. Gopi Sundar has composed some really good BGM and tracks; with “Inkem Inkem” – sung by Sid Sriram being the hit which you’ll sing again and again.

Not every man needs to be masculine, aggressive or dominate. Hit to the nearest theatre to watch how this gentleman wins his tough madam’s heart with patience, kindness and dignity!

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